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PediaCloud, powered by Metinets, is a new Pediatric EMR and practice management software in the market. It was designed for pediatricians, with everything you need to manage your practice in one place.

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Why PediaCloud

the best way to Modernize Your Practice

Through one intuitive web-based interface, PediaCloud gives pediatricians the ability to manage all the major functions of their practice with ease - even when face-to-face with patients! From scheduling and billing to patient charting and documentation, PediaCloud has everything a busy pediatricians needs to stay organized and efficient. Best of all, PediaCloud is available on any device and can be accessed anywhere. With PediaCloud, managing a medical practice has never been easier!.

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Manage care with ease

Smart Development

smart development

The flexibility you need.

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Save time. Improve Patient Care.

Flexibility is the key to our efficient EMR software. Whether you're looking for something that can be customizable or if your needs change over time, flexibility will make it easier daily and help improve productivity within your clinic.

Data Analysis

Growth Charts

PediaCloud Growth Charts help you track your patient's growth over time.



With PediaCloud, you can easily track your child's milestones from birth to 5 Years.

Extended History


PediaCloud diet planning feature makes it easy to create healthy and balanced meals for your patients, based on their age, activity level, and any dietary restrictions they may have.


Behavioural Screening

PediaCloud provides screening questionnaires for ADHD, Autism, Children Anxiety Related Disorders, depression screening of adolescents and behavioural questions to identify potential problems in children's lives before they become more serious. 

easy to manage your all data with flexible usability

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Access anywhere
Cloud Based
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Easy to Use

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Top Features

Build Fast

built-in WHO, CDC and fenton Growth charts

CDC Growth Chart

With our Growth Charts, you can graph height, weight, and head circumference against age-specific percentiles.

Use Appsheet

Track Patient's Milestones


Simply check the boxes of your patient's developmental milestones using CDC guidelines.

Create App

Better Patient Experience

patient portal

By providing a patient portal, you're empowering them with the tools they need to communicate with you for a better patient experience.

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Why Switch To PediaCloud?

Experience a better way to manage your practice. We're here to help you switch from your old vendor.


fully Customizable

Once you switch your EMR to PediaCloud, you will get the features you really need.


simple Onboarding

Our software developers are ready to help you transfer your data, set up your account, and answer any questions.