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Family medicine

Maximize your time and focus on your patients with PracticeOn. Our Family Practice EMR workflows are tailored to your unique approach to healthcare: personal, ongoing, and built on relationships. With all patient data displayed on one screen and one-click actions available directly from their chart, you can reduce paperwork and spend more time on what really matters - people.

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easy to Use

PracticeOn, can help reduce practititoner burnout due to time spent maintaining paper charts or working with cumbersome, har to use software.

GPS Monitoring


Analyze the trends in disease and demographics. Make patient interactions and care more individualized. Enhance patient care while being referred.

Quick Finding


Personalize your preferences and chart more naturally and intuitively to get more time to focus on your patients.

Automated Notification
Track Current Location
More than an EMR

built-in Practice Management Software

Our cloud-based electronic medical record system offers unparalleled features for practice management that will revolutionize your office operations.

Letter Generation

Enhance your daily routine with PracticeOn for increased efficiency.

Spend less time on administrative tasks. Spend more time on patient care.

Number One

Track appointment history, allergies, and medications in one Place
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Prescribe medications with lightning speed
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Access patient labs and results with ease – no more wasted time
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Intuitive Interface

use a Simpler EMR

The easy-to-use, cloud-based family practice EMR software designed specifically for practitioners.

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User-centered design experience that is intuitive.
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Outstanding user interface
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One look and you will know it's right for you
Monitoring Location
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Location Monitoring
Essential Tool

The Right EMR is an Essential tool

PracticeOn strives to improve every aspect of your care.  Let us show you what it can do.

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Very user friendly and is easy to learn
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We work hard to create forward-looking features
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we ensure a seamless transition
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use multiple devices

compatible on Any Device

A secure Cloud-based EMR and Practice Mangement Software

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Open your browser and go!
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Easy App install on mobile and tablet
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Accessible anywhere
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Save valuable time and effort with these features

Extended History


Document a wide range of vital measurements in great detail.

Real Time Map


Utilizing the vaccination feature, you will be able to identify and track any missing, incomplete, or potentially inaccurate immunization records.

Remote Control

SOAP Templates

Use SOAP customizable forms and assessments to streamline your workload. Our documentation history panel allows you to easily filter through a client's history and write notes without leaving your current note.

Email Report


PracticeOn offers clinicians the ability to carefully track environmental and allergy histories over time periods.

Advance Report


Gain immediate access to the latest information and reports concerning the care you administer to your patients, including prescribed medications, allergies, and other crucial details that can significantly improve the quality of patient care.

Update Notification


The medication feature provides comprehensive information on the medication's history and dosage.

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