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As a neurologist, handling the complexities of running a practice can be quite overwhelming. However, with the aid of PracticeOn Neurology EMR software specifically designed for neurology, the quality of care given to patients can be greatly improved.

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Streamline clinical intake

Capture medical, family, and social histories for more effective patient consultations.

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Manage patient data and reduce errors with ease from one screen.

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Enhance patient accessibility and maintain a full schedule.

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Neurology EMR

PracticeOn Neurology EMR is customized to deal with the specific characteristics of a Neurologist and for treating all disorders of the nervous system. It allows you to easily record an encounter and monitor the administrative side of your practices.

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Specialized Neurology forms

You can perform thorough neurological examination and detailed EMG test. Easily order and oversee multiple tests, including routine blood tests and assessments of Cranial Neuropathy.

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neurological SOAP Templates

PracticeOn provides SOAP templates to help you reduce your workload and chart out encounters for common neurological conditions.

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designed to cater to the specific requirements of the Neurology speciality

Neurology patient intake simplifies the collection of demographic, social, and neurological history, consent forms, and insurance information from new and returning patients.

Easily assess, monitor, and record specific neurological signs or status.

The Neurologic Review of Systems include seizures or unexplained loss of consciousness, headache, vertigo or dizziness, loss of vision, diplopia, difficulty hearing, tinnitus, difficulty with speech or swallowing, weakness, difficulty moving, abnormal movements, numbness, tingling, tremor, problems with gait, balance, or coordination, difficulty with thinking or memory, problems sleeping or excessive sleepiness, depressive symptoms.

Collect information about disordered movement patterns, underlying impairments, activity restrictions, and societal participation of patients with neurological pathology for intervention planning.

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Perfect Electronic Medical Assistant

Ready to assist Neurologists with treating of all disorders of the nervous system.

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Neurobehavioral Assessment

PracticeOn provides a clinical neurobehavioral assessment which allow you to see if there is change from a previous level of functioning, which includes cognitive and functional abilities, mood, emotional responsiveness, and social behaviour.

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Cognitive Assessment Tools

Access to cognitive assessment tools that are used to identify individuals who may need additional evaluation.

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Neurology Test Requisitions

Easily order tests for the diagnosis or detection of a disease, illness, impairment, symptom, syndrome or disorder.

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Unified Parkinson Disease Rating Scale

Quickly use the built-in Unified Parkinson's disease rating scale (UPDRS) to assess the three phenomena in the disorder which includes performance of repetitive tasks with each limb, getting up from a chair and walking.

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PracticeOn can assist you with cognitive assessment and care plan services by using simple and complex tools for assessing each domain.


cognition, Function and Stage of Cognitive Impairment

Mini-Cog, CPCOG, MoCA, Katz (ADL), Lawton-Brody (IADL), FAQ Test, Dementia Severity Rating Scale (DSRS)


Neuropsychaitric symptoms Depression

NPI-Q, BEHAV5+ and PHQ-2


Medication Reconciliation, safety and caregiver identification

Medication Reconciliation Form and Safety Assessment Checklist

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